• Glass Pendant Light Clear Deco

    Glass Pendant Light Clear Deco


    Equally functional and beautiful, the Deco Clear Glass Pendant Light is a spectacular piece of hand-blown glassmaking. Both the shape and the slight irregularities contribute to the unique lighting effect. The light is reflected off the undulated glass,...

  • Orbit Globe Pendant

    Orbit Globe Pendant


    The Orbit Globe is a minimalist modern light pendant with a black top accent and lighted bottom. The Orbit Globe Pendant is holds a simple stylish design for any room.

  • Gas Station Pendant Oval White

    Gas Station Pendant Oval White


    The Gas Station Oval Pendant is a retro-style chandelier based off the classic look of a gas station pendant light. The piece is made of a sturdy iron shade with a sleek oval shape and is hung by a black iron chain. It comes in two optional colors...

  • Lumiere Pendant Lamp, Large

    Lumiere Pendant Lamp, Large


    Lumiere, the French word for light, but also a brilliant person or idea. The lighting collection is inspired by the vintage plated fabric lamps, but we used acrylic for a modern look.

  • Retro Rondeau Pendant, Green Retro Rondeau Pendant, Green

    Retro Rondeau Pendant, Green


    Distinguished by its seamless black rim and vintage colors, the iron-made Rondeau Pendants mimic the antiquated charm of 1950s enamelware. The Retro Rondeau Pendants are an excellent choice for a kitchen, store, or office.

  • Viva Pendant, LG

    Viva Pendant, LG


    The reflective pendant lights are an exclusive design from Bobo's one of a kind retro collection. The Viva Pendant is an abstract light in a mercury finish. It comes in two sizes of large or small and is available in a reflective amber as well.