Coffee Tables

    Retread (Zoe) Coffee Table Retread (Zoe) Coffee Table

    Retread (Zoe) Coffee Table


    A geometric discovery, the Retread (Zoe) Coffee Table is designed with a rectangular iron frame and topped with a rubber overlay made of reclaimed tires. At a height of 17 inches, a length of 60 inches and a width of 13.8 inches, the table fits into slim...

    Wabi Stone Coffee Table Wabi Stone Coffee Table

    Wabi Stone Coffee Table


    Crafted of natural Indian Kadappa Blackstone, the Wabi Coffee Table has an appealing organic base and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Measures 60 inches wide and 16 inches deep.

    Porte Coffee Table

    Porte Coffee Table


    The Porte Frame Coffee Table is an industrial-style table made of reclaimed elm doors with an iron frame base. The Porte table has its own distinctive quality with inspiration from Bobo's popular Brickmaker collection. This piece features a combination...

  • Brickmaker Coffee Table Brickmaker Coffee Table

    Brickmaker Coffee Table


    With a tabletop crafted of Reclaimed Azobe Wood, the Brickmaker Coffee Table is made from a salvaged wood palette used to cut cobblestones in Europe. Measuring approximately 55 inches wide by 36.5 inches deep, the patina of the top has natural features...

  • Elephant Coffee Table Elephant Coffee Table

    Elephant Coffee Table


    A reproduction of an antique platform used to showcase elephants in the center ring of a circus, the Elephant Coffee Table is made entirely of rusted patina steel with a recycled rubber top. Its metal frame gives it an industrial base while its...

    Surfboard Coffee Table

    Surfboard Coffee Table


    The Surfboard Coffee Table is a creative and unexpected piece. Made of a natural reclaimed wood with a patina-rusted steel frame and needle-point legs, the Surfboard Coffee Table is a perfect addition to the modern, rustic or coastal home. With a length...

    Nesting Elm Coffee Tables Nesting Elm Coffee Tables

    Nesting Elm Coffee Tables


    Sleek and efficient with classic style, the Nesting Elm Coffee Table makes for a beautiful and unique set. Made of a natural dark elm, the two tables nest together in a sharp modern design. The two tables nest into each other completely, turning two...

  • Strap Coffee Table

    Strap Coffee Table


    The Strap Coffee Table is a vintage table made of reclaimed Elm with industrial iron base legs. Each table holds its own unique look as the wood still retains its natural grain and markings.

    Sablon Coffee Table

    Sablon Coffee Table


    Designed after a 19th Century French antique, the Sablons are a collection of oak made tables with layered shelving and slide drawers. The Coffee Table features a low body with two slide through drawers. The Sablon design is available as a Console Table...

  • Cast Sugi Coffee Table Cast Sugi Coffee Table

    Cast Sugi Coffee Table


    The Sugi Coffee Table is made of Cast Aluminum that replicates the look of charred wood with an alligator-skin-like texture in a black patina. In a block shape, the 54-inch-wide and 32.5-inch-deep table has a platform base.

  • Maquette Round Coffee Table

    Maquette Round Coffee Table


    The Maquette Coffee Table is a geometric work of art. Made with a rounded glass top, the table makes a name for itself with an abstracted black pine base sleek enough to modernize any space (Some assembly required).