• Light Bulb Sconce

    Light Bulb Sconce


    A vintage, industrial sconce with reflective round framework. In its old fashioned style and polished brass finish, the Light Bulb Sconce is sure to make an impression in the home.

  • Gas Station Sconce Black

    Gas Station Sconce Black


    The Gas Station Sconce is an unexpected retro piece inspired by antique gas station lights and re-designed for the home. To retain its vintage look, the shade is made of steel and decked with brass screws. The sconce takes an ordinarily conventional...

  • Glass Wall Lamp Clear Deco

    Glass Wall Lamp Clear Deco


    A unique glass wall light inspired by Art Nouveau, created for the admirers of subtle interior design with an artistic soul. Clear Deco owes most of its charm to the virtues of traditionally blown glass. The circle-based geometry of the repeated vertical...

  • Mid Century Sconce, Sm

    Mid Century Sconce, Sm


    A classic look in a smaller size is just one of Bobo's assortments of vintage light decor. The small sconce holds its own unique design with an oval black shade a stunning brass interior attached to a gold arm and a circular black base. Any of our...

  • Glass Wall Lamp Bibe Glass Wall Lamp Bibe

    Glass Wall Lamp Bibe


    One in a series of three lamps designed as a tribute to Eileen Gray is one of the most fascinating and innovative figures from the era of modernism. One of her designs, the so-called Bibendum chair, became our inspiration in creating a lampshade for our...

  • Glass Wall Lamp Saturn Glass Wall Lamp Saturn

    Glass Wall Lamp Saturn


    The exceptional character of Wall Lamp Saturn comes from the charm of its substantial traditionally hand-blown opal glass lampshade and the handcrafted precision of the minimalist brass arm. The white opaque lampshade will not only provide attractive...

  • Glass Wall Lamp White Deco Glass Wall Lamp White Deco

    Glass Wall Lamp White Deco


    A wall light designed in the Art Deco style, thinking of all those who are attracted by the combination of a classical style with minimalism. The Glass Wall Lamp Opaline Deco is a sophisticated composition using the traditionally blown three-layer...

  • Mid Century Sconce, Large

    Mid Century Sconce, Large


    The Mid-Century Sconce (L) is our most modern of Bobo's mid-century sconce collection. Capped in a black oval-cut shade with industrial brass interior, the light is perched on a beautiful gold neck and set with a square black base. If you are looking to...

  • Adjustable Coastline Sconce Adjustable Coastline Sconce

    Adjustable Coastline Sconce


    Inspired by shoreline lights used to signal to boats, the Adjustable Coastline Sconce is made of iron and brass in a black powder finish with a fogged glass filter and decorative gold handles. The Coastline Sconce is a versatile style suited to a wide...