Cabinets & Storage

  • Queen Square Orchard Crate

    Queen Square Orchard Crate


    The Queen Square Orchard Crate is modeled after English crates used to transport apples from the orchards to London's Queen Square Market. The European crate is a vintage accessory with natural wooden body and metal handle.

    Rectangular Bookshelves, Sm Rectangular Bookshelves, Sm

    Rectangular Bookshelves, Sm


    The Rectangular Bookshelves are a wonderfully modern shelving unit collection. The shelves are made of a dark iron with rust finish and varying patina. Its inner platform is laid with recycled tire tread for extra grip. The shelving units come in three...

  • Paris Cabinet Paris Cabinet

    Paris Cabinet


    A part of BOBO's one-of-a-kind Parisian-inspired cabinet set, the Paris Cabinet is a practical pantry of superior design. Its sliding glass doors are set in an iron rust casing that gives it an antique appearance. The design features 3 cabinets stacked...

    Rubber Buffett, Double Rubber Buffett, Double

    Rubber Buffett, Double


    An industrial Buffett dressed in a rusted patina with recycled rubber table top, one drawer and open shelves. It comes in two styles of single or double, making it a prime choice for any space.

    Mainstay Cabinet

    Mainstay Cabinet


    The Mainstay cabinet, made of Solid Pine and Elm, has an architectural flair and ideal for casual, contemporary, coastal and cottage spaces. Built of recycled Pine and Elm in a natural light brown wash, the Mainstay Cabinet is known for its wood-framed...

  • Paris TV Cabinet

    Paris TV Cabinet


    As another one of BOBO's Parisian-inspired cabinets, the Paris TV Cabinet is an exquisite vintage piece for a casual or elegant living space. The TV cabinet is made of a vintage iron rust countertop and three sliding glass cabinet doors with two rows of...

  • Paris Vitrine Paris Vitrine

    Paris Vitrine


    The Paris Vitrine has its own exclusive look within BOBO's Parisian-inspired cabinet collection. The vitrine is designed in an iron rust finished frame and glass casing. At its top, a clear glass reveals a display case below, and two rows of cabinet...

    Sliding Glass Cabinet Sliding Glass Cabinet

    Sliding Glass Cabinet


    This roomy black metal cabinet has a sliding glass door display. The Sliding Glass Cabinet holds plenty of storage space with two layers of shelving and four metal drawers. A smart industrial cabinet with style and convenience.

  • Industrial Counter (15 drawer) Industrial Counter (15 drawer)

    Industrial Counter (15 drawer)


    Ideal for use as a storage cabinet or TV console, the Industrial Counter is a reproduction of an industrial worktable from a German factory. It features 9 enclosed drawers and 6 open pullout drawers. Iron cabinet with waxed rust finish. Each piece is...

    Hessling Bar

    Hessling Bar


    The Hessling Bar is an instant classic for the modern age. The Bar is made of a black oak body on a black metal frame with gold handle accents. It features LED lighted shelves at its center, flanked by two large cabinets with additional storage and...

    Brooklyn Bookshelves Brooklyn Bookshelves

    Brooklyn Bookshelves


    Designed to mimic the geometry of the Brooklyn skyline, the Brooklyn Bookcase is crafted of iron in an antique bronze finish with an offset configuration and drawers scattered throughout the shelves. Measuring 83 inches high and 39.5 inches wide, the...

  • Dreamers Cupboard Dreamers Cupboard

    Dreamers Cupboard


    The Dreamers Cupboard is an elegant grey beach cabinet made of recycled pine with dusted blue doors and navy inner shelving. With a grey patina finish over natural pine, the Dreamers Cupboard is something of serene beauty.