Cabinets & Storage

    Collector's Vitrine Collector's Vitrine

    Collector's Vitrine


    Offered in a just-right size to fit a range of spaces from a bathroom to a kitchen to a guest room, the Collector's Vitrine is made of iron in a soft black patina and has 3 glass sides, ideal for showcasing collections or bathroom or kitchen essentials...

  • Jo Mesh Cabinet Jo Mesh Cabinet

    Jo Mesh Cabinet


    Based on a 1930s-era antique French locker, the Jo Mesh black iron Cabinet has an airy base and side shelves. Inside the cabinet are 3 shelves.

  • Latte Cabinet

    Latte Cabinet


    Designed to have the look of antique wooden shutters, the Latte Cabinet is a natural wood cabinet with a coastal vibe featuring 3 adjustable shelves and 2 bottom drawers for additional storage.

    New York Bookshelves New York Bookshelves

    New York Bookshelves


    Designed to mimic the geometry of the New York skyline, the New York Bookshelves are crafted of iron in a black finish with an offset configuration and drawers scattered throughout the shelves. Measuring 83 inches high and 39.5 inches wide, the shelves...

  • Sandrine Tv Cabinet Sandrine Tv Cabinet

    Sandrine Tv Cabinet


    Crafted of black iron with two grill-front doors and a middle shelf, the Sandrine TV Cabinet is 59 inches wide to accommodate most large-screen televisions.

    Shelving Shelving



    Inspired by a French Antique Pharmacy Rack, this BOBO display shelf is vintage and minimalist, featuring an iron frame and 5 reclaimed wood shelves. Ninety inches tall, it is 14 inches wide.

    Wright Bookcase, XL

    Wright Bookcase, XL


    With a precise and symmetrical architectural flair, the versatile Wright Bookcase is crafted of iron is a dark charcoal gray finish.